Kitchens and Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Care, Repair & Maintenance

How to preserve kitchen cabinets original look

If you want your kitchen cabinets to maintain their original look, wipe them with a clean cloth after every two or three days and also clean their knobs. There are plenty of kitchen cabinet cleaners available in the market. Don't use abrasive cleaners as they leave scratches on cabinet surface. If your kitchen cabinets are made from aluminum, clean them with regular detergent and warm water.

Most of the people do not clean the top portion of kitchen cabinets. This is wrong because the top portion also requires proper cleaning from the dust and grime of everyday. It is advised that you start the cleaning process from the top of kitchen cabinets.

If you leave the cabinet doors and drawers open, there is a strong possibility that crawling creatures, dusts and moisture will destroy kitchen cabinets. Therefore, it is important that to keep the doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinets properly closed. If there is any fault in doors or drawers, repair it immediately.

How to Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets Economically

If you are willing to put in extra hard work, remodel your kitchen cabinets yourself. This will not only give your kitchen a personal look but also save money. But before doing this, you have to consider to what extent you want to remodel the kitchen cabinets.

If you think only refurnishing kitchen cabinet doors is enough, go for it as it is a cheaper way to remodel cabinets. First decide on the paint color; if you are interested in doing this yourself, visit the hardware store to get the supplies. Most of the time, people in hardware stores are very supportive help to choose cabinet paint. Also, there are plenty of websites that offer a wide range of kitchen supplies at discounted rates. You can save plenty of dollars by buying material from these websites for kitchen remodeling.

While repainting your cabinet doors, try to match the color of the paint with the overall color theme of the kitchen. Thanks to wide variety of colors available in the market, you will not face any problem in finding a color to match the kitchen theme. This will greatly help to add a new look to your kitchen at economical rates.

However, if repainting is not the solution for your worn-out kitchen cabinetry, you need to replace them. For buying new kitchen cabinets economically, search discount stores and sales shops.

How to bring more light to your kitchen

The problem with many kitchens is that most of them are poorly lit. This makes it hard for homemakers to see what they are preparing whenever they are cooking something up, especially during evenings.
Normally, kitchens rely only on light provided by lamps on the ceiling which are usually not enough.
Through under kitchen cabinet lighting, the light source is now closer to the working area in the kitchen. Under kitchen cabinet lighting is a blessing for people who find it hard working in the kitchen under low light.
You can buy cabinets with lighting already pre-installed, but this means that you will have to replace your existing kitchen cabinets. If you do not want to touch your existing kitchen cabinet setup, then what you can do is buy lights and have them installed underneath the cabinets. Having this done is not hard, and you can easily have a professional do it for you. Having this done is also not that expensive. And if you are worried about the rise in your electric bill, then may you be assured by the fact that this type of lighting does not consume much electricity and will not create a dent in your monthly bill.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Buying Tips

Giving your kitchen a new look need not be a big job involving remodeling or buying new cabinets. Just changing your kitchen cabinet hardware can change the whole look of your cabinets. The hardware may be but a small part of the total cabinets, but they are the components that give the cabinets? character and individuality.

Changing kitchen cabinet hardware is not a time consuming job. Depending on the number of cabinets, it can take a few hours to, normally, a day at the most. In most cases, it is a simple DIY job.
The first thing to do is find designs that compliment the cabinetry that you have. Besides antique, traditional and contemporary designs, newer options like knobs in the shape of cars, fruit, animals, besides all kinds of geometric designs are available. Along the array of design options, a wide range of materials is also available ? brass (both antique and oil rubbed), iron, copper, matte chrome, steel, brushed nickel, aluminum, plastic, glass and ceramic are just some of the options before you. When buying hardware, ensure that the designs and materials complement each other.
And remember that the new hardware should not just match your cabinets but your kitchen as a whole. Keep in mind that it is not just how the hardware looks that is important, but how it will look in the context of your kitchen. Here are 5 tips to guide you:
* Do not use shiny metal fitting with grained wood cabinets as the wood and metal will clash.
* Farmhouse and French country style kitchens are ideal places to use copper and ceramic fittings.
* If your kitchen is modern in design, stainless steel or other high gloss fittings may add to the atmosphere.
* Look beyond just matching the new hardware to the cabinets. If the faucets and other metal work in the kitchen are in bronze, aluminum fittings may seem out of place.
* A basic rule of the thumb is that dark hardware goes best with light finishes and vice versa.