Kitchens Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity Cabinets
Re-facing and Remodeling

Kitchen refacing is less expensive alternative to full kitchen cabinets replacement and you can save up to 50% on your kitchen remodeling.
Kitchen refacing is the perfect and easy solution if you don't want to change your current kitchen layout and the cabinets are in good shape. All you need is replace the doors and cover visible sides of cabinets with mach color material.
If required you can have additional custom build cabinets, to make any necessary change in existing kitchen layout and design.
You may also choose to leave your existing appliances or upgrade to new appliances. We may change any cabinets to fit your new appliances as needed.
Refacing is a very easy solution that causes least amount of disturbances: most of the times typical refacing projects can be finished in one or two days maximum.
Refacing will give your kitchen a whole new look. It helps to raise the market value of your home at very little cost and will help you sell it faster.